We Created Deflationary Prevention
Mechanism With safesol Protocol

No Rugpull , Dump Prevention Mechanism , Transparency and Trust!

Special Features


No Rugpull

70% of pre-sale BNB will be add to liquidity and locked by Unicrypt for 11 months.


Dump Prevention Mechanism

safesol Coin employ a new Dump Prevention Mechanism so the token’s price always increase!


Transparency and Trust!

Safesol Finance believe that Trust is the most crucial part of every project so our project will make everything as Transparent as possible to increase the Trust of our investor.

About Safesol Coin Protocol


Community Driven

We are community driven: Fair Presale, locked LP and burned 51% tokens. We have frequent AMA's to answer our community's most important questions.

RFI Static Rewards System

Users can earn Safesol tokens simply by holding coins in their wallet. 2% of all the taxes on each transaction go directly to the holders, while the rest 3% is auto-locked to liquidity.

Limited Supply

Safesol has an initial total supply of 1 Quadrillions coins, with 51% of these already burned after launch, removing them from circulation. Safesol continues to burn coins, so the number of coins in circulation will only continue to be reduced over time.

Secure & Immutable

Safesol is a smart contract based crypto which uses BEP-20 interface, making it secure and immutable.

Investment Projects

The Safesol team has many other projects in line for its investors, including 2 NFTs and a decentralized exchange, called Safesol Finance Swap, coming in the near future.

100% Safe

Driven by community.Safesol has also been audited. You can view the report in its entirety here.


Our Mission is Simple.
Our Technology, Unmatched.

Safesol Finance is a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) token that innovate of deflated token and never panic sell. Our aim is to make $Safesol Finance token become a new high value one by using smart and well prepared strategies. This is reflected in our slogan: “Let’s go to the Moon in a Smart way”.

With generally low gas fees, a dedicated community and a tokenomic system that rewards holders, Safesol is a powerful protocol with unmatched transparency, utility and general economics.


Token Burned

51% token will be burned before presale

The Longer You Hold,The More You Have

2% of token will be redistributed equally to all holders as a reward.

Automatic Liquidity Pool Adding

3% of token will be added into the liquidity pool.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Safesol Finance?

We have a roadmap laid out that involves us getting on multiple exchanges before launching our own exchange, Safesol.Then continuing on down to the two future NFT projects we are developing.

Is liquidity locked?

Yes, liquidity will be locked for 11 Months before launching Safesol coin after sucessfully completion of the presale.

What's the official contract address/website?

We've noticed multiple scam contracts mimicking our name and trying to coerce people to invest into a fake project. The official contract address for Safesol is 0x54325550f8420e511659C15b752D8B23AA5948cE

Why does the dollar amount and symbol not show on Trust Wallet/Metamask?

We are still just a few weeks old since launch. We have submitted all the required information for the updates, so it's up to Trust Wallet and Metamask to integrate these things into their application.

Road Map

We have planned our Road Map In Better Way


Bounty Campaign


TechRate Audit


Presale on unicrypt


AMA Session


Liquidity locked for 11 Months


Burn 51% from total supply


Listing on Pancakeswap


CoinGecko Listing


CoinMarketCap Listing


Surprise gift for Presale participants


Website redesign


List on BitMart


SafeSol Swap Launch


Staking Partnership with other platforms


List on Gate.io


Marketting Push


Further Partnerships


Community Votes,Events & Competitions


Listing on Top Exchanges